Prince Frederick

PFVFD Knox Box Program

Please Consider Helping The PFVFD to Safely & Quickly Gain Access to Your Facility/Building

The Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department strives to deliver quality, professional fire protection to the citizens of Calvert County.  Our goal is to protect life, property and the environment.  In today’s ever-changing security world, Prince Frederick VFD is becoming more challenged by locked or inaccessible buildings/residence on an increasing amount of calls.

In order to access buildings quickly, minimize forced entry damage and protect against firefighter injuries, PFVFD has adopted the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry Program.  Currently, more than 7,000 fire departments and government agencies use this unique system.

PFVFD and Calvert County Public Safety Department can work with your business to provide fire protection with this non-destructive access.  Visit the KNOX BOX website @ Knox Box Applications are available in the Fire-Rescue-EMS Office located in the basement of the Circuit Court Building.

Security of the system access is ensured by the master key which is held by the PFVFD, Calvert County Sheriff’s Department, and the Calvert County Public Safety Department.  All Calvert County owned buildings and schools use this system plus many other local businesses in Prince Frederick including the College of Southern Maryland, Chapline Place Retirement House, and Yardley Hills Community Center.

Please consider helping PFVFD provide the most dependable cost-effective fire protection by working with us and purchasing a KNOX BOX system.  Contact us at 410-535-2207 for further info.