Prince Frederick

PFVFD Hosts 2023 Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen’s Association Convention

The Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department (PFVFD, Company 2) was proud to host the 76th annual Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen’s Association (SMVFA) convention and parade.

The weekend at the end of April was complete with meetings, ceremonies and activities to honor the men and women of SMVFA. One of the highlights was having PFVFD’s Patrick Hassler sworn in officially as the President of the Southern Maryland Firemen’s Association.

Hassler was previously the second Vice President and has been a dedicated member to the fire service for over 37 years.

Hassler was honored and said, “To all the past presidents that have supported me and mentored me over the years I hope to continue to build on what you all have built over the years.”

In his speech to the association, Hasser added, “As all this wouldn’t have happened if it were not for your dedication, support and hard work, thank you.”

Hassler recognizes juggling multiple leadership positions, including his current position as president at Company 2 is a massive task, but one he is willing to give his time and energy toward. Hassler also thanked his loving family, especially his wife, for all of their tremendous support over his decades of service. “None of this would even be remotely possible if it wasn’t for your support and approval,” Hassler added.

PFVFD Fire Chief Willie Gray would like to recognize many in our immediate community who helped support the weekend. “I would like to take a moment and thank all the businesses, vendors, and localities that purchased ads or donated to our convention. We could not have made all this possible without the continuing support of the stakeholders of the county. We ask all of you to support these businesses as they have continued to support us,” Gray said.

Congratulations to the SMVFA 2023-2024 Officers:

President Patrick Hassler
1st Vice President: J.W. King
2nd Vice President: Thomas Mattingly, Jr.
Secretary: Darby Byrd
Chaplain Joe Gardiner

Congratulations to the SMVFA 2023-2024 Ladies Auxiliary:

President: Lisa Watts
1st Vice President: Cindy Pilkerton
2nd Vice President: PP Darby Byrd
Secretary: PP Kimberly Sullivan
Treasurer: PP Becky Wathen
Chaplain: PP Darlene Wood
Guard: Debbie Lewis

We would also like to congratulate all the volunteers across Southern Maryland inducted into the SMVFA Hall Of Fame and we remember those who served in volunteer capacities and passed away in 2022.

Also, congratulations to the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department for receiving the award for the Best Appearing Company at the parade. Their department says this this is the first time in the station’s 51 year history of receiving this award.

In addition, thank you to the PFVFD Convention Committee, including:

Vice President Brian Ficke (Convention Chair)
Theresa Bowen (Convention Co-Chair)
Chief Willie Gray
Assistant Chief Eric Holzberger
Deputy Fire Chief Robbie Helms
Past Chief Fred Holzeberger IV
Past Chief Timothy Delehanty
Jack Boswell
Charlie Hanko
Jason Sharpe
Karen Sharpe
Vicki Delehanty
Jonna Atkinson

Hassler concluded, “I look forward to working with all of you over the upcoming year and I hope to serve you and Southern Maryland well.”