Prince Frederick

PFVFD Banquet Honors Members for Work in 2017

On February 17, 2018, the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department hosted our annual banquet and installation of officers. The event, held at the Calvert County Fairgrounds and put together by the PFVFD Banquet committee, featured Master of Ceremonies and life-member Donnie Hall.

The year 2017 proved to be a busy one for our volunteers. The top two runners, Joey Reamy and Teddy Delehanty, both ran more than 700 calls each. Scott Musegades wasn’t far behind with 621 calls and Jamal Mackall rounded out with 544 runs. Nick Tomlinson, Assistant Chief Brian Ficke and Deputy Chief Mark Arhar all clocked more than 400.

A few other highlights include:

  • Capt. Robbie Helms: “Officer of the Year”
  • 2017 Assistant Chief Joseph Della-Camera: “Vernon Horsmon Chief’s Award”
  • Firefighter Devin Ardekani: “Junior Member of the Year”
  • Firefighter Gert Klein: “Rookie of the Year”
  • MaryAnn Ahar:  “President’s Award”
  • Firefighter Brady McKee: “Firefighter of the Year”

McKee will depart PFVFD in the fall to attend Eastern Kentucky University where he will study fire arson and explosion investigations.


Life member Carter Gray celebrated 40 years of service, also honored was Michael Sharpe and Patrick Hassler who have both devoted 35 years to date. Member Thomas Brady was honored with 30 years of volunteering and Randy Beamer and Kerry White marked 25 years of service in Calvert together.


The highlight of the night was for volunteers Robert Hall, Jr. and Dwight Armiger who were celebrated during a special presentation by the membership. Both men currently have 49 years invested in PFVFD and two pieces of apparatus are now dedicated in their name. Tanker 2 will now display Dwight Armiger’s name and Engine 22 will highlight Robert Hall Jr. MSFA Secretary and PFVFD Life Member, Doyle Cox, swore in the officers listed below.


  • Fire Chief: Fred Holzberger IV
  • Assistant Chief: Brian Ficke
  • Deputy Chief: Jason Sharpe
  • Deputy Chief: Mark Ahar
  • Safety Officer: Michael Sharpe
  • Captain: Roger Rearden
  • Captain: Robbie Helms
  • Captain: Willie Gray
  • Lieutenant: Roy Milstead, Jr.
  • Sergeant: Scott Musegades
  • Sergeant: Jamal Mackall
  • Chief Engineer: Ryan Boswell
  • Assistant Engineer: Donald King
  • Public Information Officer: Michelle Sigona
  • Quarter Master: Eric Holzberger
  • Assistant Quarter Master: Bruce Bitting
  • Assistant Quarter Master: Steven Yarosh (EEO)


  • President: Patrick Hassler
  • Vice President: James Cox, Jr.
  • Secretary: Vicki Dehehanty
  • LOSAP Coordinator: Wayne Hardesty
  • Treasurer: Alan Billings
  • Assistant Treasurer: Robert Hall, Jr.
  • Chaplain: Michael Bowen


  • Mark Ahar
  • Dwight Armiger
  • Jack Boswell
  • James Cox, Jr.
  • Patrick Hassler
  • Robert Helms – Chair
  • Fred Holzberger IV
  • Del Horsmon
  • Donald King
  • Mauro Lanzisera
  • Richard Pke
  • Joseph Reamy


We would like to thank our fill-in crews:

  • Bay District VFD
  • Dunkirk VFD
  • Huntingtown VFD
  • St. Leonard VFD

Also, a thank you goes to Thompson’s Seafood, Lighthouse Engraving & Signs and Keith Hicks for the music.