Prince Frederick

One Pinned on 231

On February 20th, at 2108 hours, Squad 2, Engine 22 and Safety 2 responded to the area of the 7-11 on 231 for the MVA. The responding units were later advised of one possibly on fire and one trapped. Safety 2 requested the additional Serious Rescue Assignment including another Squad (Squad 6 Huntingtown and a medic unit). Upon arrival units found three vehicles involved, none on fire and one pinned. Command requested an additional 2 ambulances due to the number patients. Squad 2 went to work freeing the patient, taking a side off and performing a dash lift with the assistance of Squad 6. Due to the injuries of the trapped patient, Command requested aviation for a flyout. The landing site was handled by Engine 21. Company 2 operated for 40 minutes.