Prince Frederick

Members Participate in Mock Crash To Educate Students At Local High School

On April 25, 2022, the Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department (Company 2), Prince Frederick Volunteer Rescue Squad (Company 4), Calvert County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police participated in a mock crash in for local students in Southern Maryland.

The event was watched closely by students at Calvert High School, in Prince Frederick, Md. and was in cooperation with the Chesapeake Region Safety Council.  According to their Facebook page, “CHS Criminal Justice Students will portray the at-fault driver and victims.”

The goal was to educate those students on what happens once an accident occurs and how first responders arrive and formulate a plan to remove patients from a vehicle during a serious incident on the road.

The instruction was also to highlight how distracted and impaired driving can contribute to a serious crash and how seatbelt safety is paramount for survival. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office said in a recent Facebook post, “Although today’s event was staged, this very real scenario occurs each and every day on roadways throughout Maryland. The mock crash aims to send a hard-hitting reminder to ensure our teens are practicing save [sic] driving techniques and to educate teens of the dangers and consequences of unsafe driving behaviors (Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, distracted driving and not buckling up).”

The sheriff’s office also recognized these organizations to help make the event a success: “Thank you to all who helped make today possible: A+ Towing, the Calvert Control Center, CareerSafe, CruiseSafe, Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse, Inc., CrashCore, Sewell Funeral Home and Chesapeake Region Safety Council.”