Prince Frederick

Maryland State Fireman’s Association Recognizes “Fire Top Responder” Richard Pike

Congratulations to Richard Pike for receiving the “Fire Top Responder” award from the Maryland State Fireman’s Association. Pike, who is a lifetime member with PFVFD, ran 1,134 calls in 2018. He currently holds the record for running the most calls ever by any member of the department.

Pike says for 80-90% of those runs, he was not serving in a standby capacity and was on the fire apparatus, “It takes a lot to get up for every call. I was there 8, 10, 12 hours a day. If you are going to be the top runner you have to be there.”

MSFA says in order to receive this award the volunteer should be the “top out the door” first responser. Fire Chief Joseph Della-Camera was on hand earlier this month to present Pike with the certificate.

Thank you for your service, Richard Pike.