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Leary Firefighters Foundation Awards PFVFD Technology Grant
(Image from The Leary Firefighters Foundation Facebook Page)

The Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department (PFVFD) is honored to be a grant recipient from the generous Leary Firefighters Foundation. The funds received are all thanks to anonymous folks directly in our immediate community who nominated PFVFD. The Spot-A-Hero campaign reached out to citizens around America to vote and our Calvert County community members stepped up to the plate.

According to a Spotted Dog Tech press release one resident said this about our 99-member organization, “This department has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. From rescuing animals and assisting to elderly to saving lives and protecting property. Truly my definition of heroes!”

Along with PFVFD, two other departments, Pigott Volunteer Fire Department in Arkansas and Elk Ridge Volunteer Fire Department in Utah, were also awarded technology valued at $5,000. The grant is specifically for Spotted Dog Technologies’ Rover Incident Response.

“The Rover Platform puts critical information in the hands of firefighters int eh first crucial minutes of an incident. The system works in conjunction with a fire department’s computer-aided dispatch to send an alert to the Rover mobile app installed on the mobile device carried by first responders,” the release adds. Currently, more than 25,000 fires responders in the world use this system.

Program Administrator Jodi Wallace for the campaign said, “Eighty six percent of U.S. fire departments are staffed by volunteers. It’s not surprising that the comments provided by the nominators create a compelling narrative about the dedication of these community heroes.”

Some of the other comments nominators mentioned:

– “Total Volunteer Fire dept NO PAID yet they get the job done.”

– “They are all dedicated volunteer’s and on call 24/7 and ready to serve to the best of their ability. They are very much needed and appreciated by the community. They serve the community in many different ways.”

– “This fire department provides superior services to the citizens of Prince Frederick and all of Calvert County.”

– “Top notch volunteers”

Read more about the grant program at the Leary Firefighter Foundation .



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