Prince Frederick

Dog Rescued From Cliff In Solomons On Christmas Eve

Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department and surrounding stations responded to a cliff rescue in Solomons, Md. on Christmas Eve. If you look at the photos below you can see Mac (we circled him in red), a medium sized dog, was stranded on a cliff side ledge about 250 feet above the beach.

Deputy Chief Willie Gray, who has training in high-angle rescue, immediately suited up with a harness when he arrived on the scene. With the help of Solomons, Huntingtown and Dunkirk Volunteer Fire Departments, he was carefully lowered to try and retrieve the animal.

Deputy Chief Gray didn’t scale the cliff without being prepared. He was armed with hotdogs and cheese and the bribe worked. Gray said, “He loved it.

Mac was swooped up and placed a red and black bag. Both were lowered to the bottom of the cliff where his owners were waiting for the animal with open arms.

Thankfully Mac is now back with his owners enjoying the holiday.