Prince Frederick

Congratulations To Laney Wells, Cadet Member Of The Month

The Cadet member of the month for the Firefighter/EMT Cadet Program at the Calvert County Career and Technology Academy (CTA), is PFVFD’s Laney Wells. Wells is recognized through the CTA Calvert County school system for not only excelling in the classroom each week, but assisting during an emergency incident.

In early November, Wells didn’t hesitate to jump into action to help local citizens.

CTA Program teacher, Marquis Smith, said Cadet Wells was on her way to school when she “sprung into action” and assisted until first responders could arrive on the scene of an accident.

Smith said he is proud of Wells and all of her accomplishments, “This month Cadet Wells has been attentive to keep up and ahead with the program. She also has dedicated time and energy to her Firehouse and learning from the staff there. Excellent work Cadet Wells!”

PFVFD thanks Cadet Wells for her dedication to our station and to the citizens of Calvert County, and beyond. Great work!