Prince Frederick

PFVFD Building Update

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[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Demolition Begins” date=”August 27, 2019″]Day 1 & 2 of building demolition.

[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Last Business Meeting Held” date=”August 7, 2019″]This is our last business meeting ever inside the walls of this building. We thank every volunteer member from the past and present who has helped us to get to this point. This building has served us well and contributed immensely to our strong foundation. We are looking forward to the future.

[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Station – Part 2″ date=”August 6, 2019″][/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Station – Part 1″ date=”August 6, 2019″][/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Temporary Structure Taking Shape” date=”November 5, 2018″]

PFVFD’s new temporary home is taking shape.

A big thank you to the relocation committee for making this area come to life.

[/elise_timeline_block][elise_timeline_block title=”Temporary Building Construction For PFVFD” date=”October 2018″]Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department is moving our base of operations to this temporary location in 2019. The new spot will serve as a home while our existing building is demolished and a new building will be constructed on our property.

This area is the old National Guard Armory complex located on Armory Road – between Dares Beach Road and Steeple Chase Drive. While the final relocation isn’t going to take place for a few months, we want the public to know you can expect an increase in construction equipment and fire department vehicle traffic in the area of the Armory. During this period we ask for the public’s patience and understanding. Please remain alert for the increased activity and slow your speed while driving in this area.

As the move draws closer, will will continue to keep you informed through our social media channels and right here in this area on our website. PFVFD appreciates the continued support from the community and we will continue to provide the highest levels of service to citizens during the time we reside at the temporary quarters.