Prince Frederick

Squad 2

2018 E-One Cyclone II

Unit Name: Squad 2 
Year: 2018
Make: E-One
Model: Cyclone II

  • 2018 E-One Cyclone II Chassis with a two-person cab
  • 250 gallon per minute Hale CBP Pump and a 250-gallon water tank
  • 20 KW MCS Hydraulic Generator
  • E-One HRT Hydraulic Rescue Tool System
  • Amkus Hydraulic Rescue Tools running on 6 hot reels with 100 feet of hydraulic line on each
  • Command Light 9,000-watt LED light tower
  • Two Bottle 6,000 PSI Cascade System with space-saver Two Cylinder Explosion Proof Fill Station
  • Reels for service and breathing air
  • Front Mounted Winch
  • Portable Winch System with receivers – side and rear
  • Side Body Anchor Points for rope systems
  • Fixed Electric Cord Reels each side with 250 feet of cord and junction boxes
  • 24-foot 6-inch walk-in Rescue Body with seating for a crew of six members

Photo Tour of Squad 2