Prince Frederick

A Young Community Supporter, With a Tremendous Heart

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, the department received an unexpected monetary donation from an exceptional young lady with a big heart.

When volunteers heard a knock at the door it was Samantha Smith (pictured center) and her mom Jennifer on the other side. The young girl says she heard about both devastating fires on Wednesday (in Chesapeake Beach and Prince Frederick) and knew many volunteers were busy all day and night. This young lady felt compelled to go the extra mile to say “thank you” to the volunteers.

Samantha pulled from her personal savings, and with her mom in tow, they made their rounds to several local volunteer Fire/EMS stations to give a token of appreciation.

The Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department is extremely proud of Samantha (and mom) for showing her support to the local volunteer Fire/EMS system. Our organization survives off of donations and we recognize small acts of kindness sometimes make the biggest difference.

Thank you, Samantha!