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Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Deparment


Company 2 is located in the county seat "Prince Frederick. We are in the center of Calvert County. Our response area is from Plum Point Road to Broomes Island Road and from the Patuxant River to Chesapeake Bay.



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2003 Convention

6-18-03 The Prince Frederick Volunteers attended the 111th Annual Maryland State Firemanís Convention Wednesday in Ocean City. Company brought Brush 2, Utility 2 with the small Fire Prevention Trailer, and the infamous Go Cart 2 with Sparky the fire dog driving. Company 2 brought home four trophies including 2nd best appearing Brush truck, best appearing emergency services mascot, Honorable mention Brush unit, and 3rd best appearing fire
 prevention entry. Thanks to all the members who attended the convention and the members that covered the station.

Call Log

Auto Accident at Rt. 4 & German Chapel

6-27-03 At 0831 hours, Company 2(Prince Frederick), Company 4(PFVRS), and Company 7(Saint Leonard) were alerted to Rescue Box 208 at Route 4 and German Chapel Road for the auto accident. Squad 2, Engine 22, and Chief 2C responded and arrived to find a two car accident with one trapped as Deputy Chief Ficke established command. The Squad crew quickly extricated one patient while the Engine set up the landing sight. Ambulance 48 transported one patient to CMH priority 2 and Ambulance 78 transported one
patient with head trauma to the land zone priority 2. Units cleared at 0915 hours.

Flyout from Auto Accident

6-27-03 Engine 22 under the command of Chief 2A Cox handled the landing zone for Fridayís auto accident. Ambulance 78 under command of EMS Lieutenant 7 had patient care on an 80 year old female. The patient was flown to Prince Georgeís Hospital for head trauma and a broken leg by Trooper 7.


5-23-03   At 1530 hrs, Co.2 was alerted to Rescue Box 216, at Route 4 and West Dares Beach Road for an auto accident. Solomons Ambulance 38 was on the scene as Squad 2 and Chief 2C (Ficke) responded. The Squad arrived on the scene to find a two car accident. 2C established command while the Squad crew secured the vehicles and performed a general clean up. Units cleared at 1552 hrs.



5-21-03  At 1050 hrs, Co.2 (Prince Frederick), Co.6 (Huntingtown), Co.7 (Saint Leonard), Co.83 (Benedict), Co.1 (North Beach), and Co.4 (PFVRS) were alerted to Hazmat Box 211, at 80 West Dares Beach Road for the gas leak. Engine 21, 22, Truck 2, and Chief 2 (Billings) responded. Units arrived at the Safeway construction site to find a 4 inch
 gas main ruptured with an active leak. Chief 2 (Billings) established command, and 2C (Ficke) had operations. Command held Co.2 units until the arrival of Washington Gas Company at 1220 hrs.



Vehicle Fire

 5-19-03   At 1732 hrs, Co.2 was alerted to Local Box 204 for a vehicle fire at Route 4 and Mountain Trail. Engine 22 and Chief 2C (Ficke) responded and arrived to find a van well off. Chief 2C established command while the Engine crew quickly extinguished the fire. Units cleared at 1757 hrs.



MVA in front of firehouse

5-15-03   At 1855 hours, Co. 2 and 4 were alerted to Rescue  Box 211,  in front of the firehouse for a motor vehicle accident. Two vehicles were involved with two injured. 2A Cox established command, as the Squad crew quickly stabilized the vehicles and the Ambulance crew assessed the patients. Two patients were transported to CMH. Units cleared at 1710.


Southern Maryland Firemans Parade

May 3/4, 2003, Prince Frederick Fire Department attended the annual Southern Maryland Fireman's Convention. Company 2 attended the parade on Sunday with Car 2, Jeep 2, Brush 2, Engine 22, Tanker 2, Utility 2 with the safety house and about 20 members. Company 2 won the Judges Award for the Safety House, best appearing Tanker, and 2nd best appearing company overall. Thanks goes to LaPlata V.F.D  for a great
 convention. Congratulations to the other departments on their winnings and all their hard work. Thanks to all of the Company 2 members that helped get our equipment ready.

Prince Frederick Auto Accident

On April 23, 2003, at 1234 hours Rescue Box 218 was dispatched for a serious motor vehicle accident. Squads 2 and 6, EMS 4 and 6 and the Medic unit were due on the call. Chief 2-A arrived on the scene assumed command and found a tractor trailer and Ford Ranger pick-up involved with extrication
needed on the pick-up. Squad 2 arrived and was placed on one side of the accident and Squad 6 was placed on the other. While EMS personnel were assessing the patient, a medivac helicopter was requested. Squad 6 stabilized the vehicles and then assisted Squad 2ís crew with extrication. The patient was extricated and transported to M.S.P Trooper 7, which flew to PG Trauma as  E-22 stood by at the landing site. All emergency crews complimented each other inter-twining their tasks to facilitate a speedy extrication and patient care. Responding units were Squad 2, E-22, Chief 2-A, Chief 2-C, Amb. 48, Amb. 49, Command-4, Squad 6 with Chief 6, Amb. 69, Medic 2 and Chief 10. MSP is investigating the incident.

Auto Accident on MD Rt 231

4-18-03 At 1654 hours, Co.2 (Prince Frederick) and Co.4 (PFVRS) were alerted to Rescue Box 210, at Rt. 231 and Williams Rd. for a motor vehicle accident. Squad 2 and Chief 2 responded. Units arrived to find a two car accident with one into the woods, as Chief 2 established command. Co. 6 (Huntingtown) and Co. 7 (Saint Leonard) were added to the call. One patient was
 extricated and a total of three patients were transported to CMH. Units cleared
at 1741.



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